Not Just for Pets

Nutritional support
Ensuring adequate hydration
Assistance with urination and defecation
Keeping pets clean and well groomed
Helping pets safely move around their environment
Symptom management (e.g., medications or procedures that ease pain, nausea, difficulty breathing, etc.)
Providing mental stimulation and loving contact with family members
Education about the end-stage disease process
Pain recognition and treatment
Bandage and wound care

Animal hospice care, a unique approach to your pet’s end of life needs, is an available alternative for many pets.  It emphasizes providing a good standard of life for as long as possible; however, it focuses on the quality, not the quantity. We strive to make the most of the time that remains, not merely count the minutes.






Do Not count the Days... Make the days count!                                                                                      

What is Animal Hospice?                                                                                      

Animal hospice is a family-centered, medically supervised, and team oriented service dedicated to maintaining comfort and quality of life for your terminally ill, or geriatric pet, until natural death occurs, or the family elects euthanasia.

As with human medicine, veterinary hospice is designed for when your pet has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and is in the final stages.  The biggest difference between “regular” veterinary care and hospice is that, with hospice, the goal shifts from directly treating your animal’s underlying disease or condition, to keeping him or her comfortable and content.  We do not try to hasten or prevent death.  Simply put, the focus shifts from curing to caring.






Treatment options in hospice care depend on the patient’s individual situation but often involve some combination of the following: 

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Hospice care recognizes dying as a normal process, whether it is a result of disease, an accident or old age.  It exists with the belief that patients in the last phases of life deserve this care, so that they might live their remaining days as fully and pain-free as possible.  Those of us who provide this care see the end of life as an opportunity for growth, both mentally and spiritually, between you and your pet.  Our goals are to ensure your animal friend is in a caring environment, in minimal pain, and to allow you to enjoy the last few days, weeks or months with your beloved pet.  Though one can never be fully prepared to say goodbye, we are here to make the transition easier for everyone.






Animal hospice does not focus solely on pets, it also addresses the needs of human family members.  Preserving the bond between people and their pets is essential during this difficult time.  Our philosophy is to attend to your pet’s palliative care, while walking with you on this journey, side by side.  When decisions need to be made, we will take into consideration the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of your entire family, furry or otherwise, and human.

Hospice care certainly doesn’t eliminate the grief associated with the death of your beloved pet, but it does give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve helped them enjoy a life that was as long and happy as possible. You need to know what to expect in those final days in order to make the optimal decisions for you, your pet and your family. Although we cannot predict every scenario, we use our medical knowledge, along with a caring and compassionate heart, to advise you on a course of action. We assist you in implementing a plan to meet your pet’s needs and respect your family’s wishes.

Most importantly, we want you to know you are not alone.  We are here to help you and stand by you through this difficult time.  Even after your pet dies, we remain available to support you in your grief.  Please speak to us about our Pet Loss Support Group if you need a helping hand.

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When your pet is selected for hospice, you can rest assured they are receiving the very best care and, as a pet parent, you are supported too.
We have a lifeline available 24 hours a day.
With a simple call or text to our hospice line, you can obtain answers and advice, or even just someone to listen and offer a kind word of encouragement.
We are here for you and your pet!